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"An amazing group of motivated and generous women"

"What Women Want brings together an amazing group of motivated and generous women who make it their passion to help one another navigate the networking landscape. Founder Judy Goss has made it her mission to help women over the age of 40 succeed. It is the true definition of community."

~Tamsen Fadal, WPIX Morning News Anchor and Author

From a Business Member: 

"What Women Want has become a true business partner for my businesses, I receive support that I do not get from other networking groups.  The women are inspiring, collaborative and professional.  Best of all, I have met women who I am proud to now call friends!"

Lynn Mione, Owner of Vine Wine Bar & Vine Wine Cellar

With 20 years of networking experience, What Women Want is one of the most productive and profitable networking groups I've participated in.

I joined the speaker board membership in 2015 and have been able to speak at several chapters. The best part about What Women Want is the flexibility of attending meetings when they work in my schedule. No pressure, just the opportunity to meet other women, make referrals and gain friendships! The future looks bright for the growth of this unique networking group. I've make friends and increased my clientele. May thanks to Judy Goss for creating this growing group!

Cathryn Marshall, Simple Fat Burn

"I have gained many new clients..." 

"What Women Want is a vital part of my success - I have built wonderful relationships, collaborated with many of the women and have gained many new clients from the organization."

~Lauren Cassidy, "Visions for the Art of Hair"

"Online I meet lots of cool women"

"In the online forums and profiles I meet lots of cool women and have had some joint venutres and interesting conversations!"

~Gregory Anne Cox, Rebellious Wellness


"A great resource online..."

"I have been a Speakers Board member of What Women Want for a while now, and honestly never took full advantage of the site. I put aside some time to reach out to each member in my area and introduced myself. Just saying hello. Not selling anything. And what I received in return, besides connecting with women I would have never connected with, was I was asked to speak in front of one of the other chapters! This was such a fabulous opportunity to meet 20 women that I would not have met otherwise. 


Thank you What Women Want! 

~Alyssa Peak, NYC Photographer


"Best networking event I have ever been to!  Loved it."

~Leslie Tribolet about a Fort Worth Chapter Event

"I've met so many outstanding women"

"I've met so many outstanding women that I have developed friendships with and business connections." 

Ginny Nixon, Forsythe, Georgia Chapter

"I am so grateful to Over 40 Females"

“I am so grateful for What Women Want - the live and online events, the women, the tools.”

~Charlee Hagan, Tomorrow Today Resources


"The best networking group I’ve ever been a part of"

"What Women Want has changed my life. It's the best networking group I have ever been a part of, and I have been consistently networking for over 4 years. I have met the most amazing, inspiring women who are genuinely interested in what I do and who have also connected me with others. I have also gained so much by participating in many of the things that the other women are offering."

~Ariela Sarai, Licensed Avatar Master, NYC

"After attending one of your events...I've been a new me" 

After attending one of your events, I have enrolled in college and plan on opening my own shelter for abused women and their children. On the day of your event, I was in a very low place but something made me buck up and go ...thank God I did...I've been a new me ever since. Thank you so much! 
~Camille Coles

"I have made the MOST amazing connections"

"I have made the MOST amazing connections with other professional entrepreneurs that have helped grow my businesses. I have invited friends who will be joining as well. The Connect LIVE! and Online Community events are always fun and informative. You must experience our movement!"

~Holly Smith, Jewelry Designer

"If you're tired of stuffy, awkward network meetings..." 

I always look forward to the meetings at Over 40 Females. There is so much diversity among the members...This group attracts people who are warm and friendly and motivated toward establishing personal as well as business relationships. It's unlike any other networking meeting I've ever attended! If you're tired of stuffy, awkward network meetings this is the place to be!"

Charlotte Stewart, Professional Organizer & Productivity Coach



"It is truly rewarding to be part of a female based community"

"If you are an entrepreneurial woman looking to be a member of a powerhouse and inspiring collective, look no further than Over 40 Females. It is truly rewarding to be a part of a female based community that supports your business in such a personal and connected way!"

~Allyson Spellman, Founder of Unleash Your Voice

"Impressed by the far reach your group has to offer"
"I had the pleasure of attending a meeting last night and immediately enrolled in the Speakers Board Membership...I am and have been a professional all my working life and looking for a group that offered the same professionalism, camaraderie and organized support. I have seen many and rejected their memberships, but I have watched your organization over the past few weeks and was impressed by the structure and far reach your group offers."

~Ann Esposito, PRIMERICA

"I’m thrilled to be working with Over 40 Females!"
"I’m a huge believer in the power and creativity of women 40+, and I’m thrilled to be working with Over 40 Females® in bringing you all more attention!"

~Peggy Northrop, former editor-in-chief of More Magazine

"Honored to be a part of such an amazing MOVEMENT"
"Judy Goss, your picture must appear in the dictionary next to "Leader". I am so thankful for your investment of time, money and resources to attend Connect LIVE! launch last night. I know of several other groups whose CEO DOES NOT attend every just goes to show how much this means to you. Your dedication to seeing your organization grow is amazing and admirable and I count myself truly blessed and honored to be a part of such an amazing MOVEMENT! THANK YOU for being the leader you are and allowing us to become the leaders we know we can be by following your lead!"

~Theresa French, South Metro Chapter Director, Motivational Speaker and Self-Mastery Coach

"A great group of like-minded women"

“A great group of like-minded women who can really make their mark on the world.”

~Robin Lassey, Certified Health Coach

"Impressed with the caliber of women in this organization"
"When I first heard of Over 40 Females...I was immediately impressed with the caliber of women in this organization....this was a motivating factor to not only join as a member but become a Chapter Director."

~Leslie Neiditz, Hartford Chapter Director, Over 40 Females

"You said something when you spoke that night that changed my life"

“I received the highest compliment ever last night at New Haven Chapter Director Maureen Vizvary's meeting. One of the women who attended Maureen's kickoff came to me and said, "You said something when you spoke that night that changed my life."

~Speakers Board Member Paulette Meijer, Owner and Essential Empowerment Specialist New Life Essentials, LLC

"Over 40 Females has helped me speak more confidently"
“Over 40 Females has helped me to speak more confidently in front of large audiences.”

~Kathleen Ciriello, Intuitive Medium and Energy Healer

"This is how woman are supposed to be with one another"

 "Thank you so much for your vision for women over the age of 40. This is how woman are supposed to be with one another."

~Jessica Lawrence, Psychic Medium and Transformational Speaker

"Gives women confidence and courage"

"Over 40 Females allows you to reinvent yourself and gives women the confidence and the courage to get out there. I know when I attended both of your events I felt empowered when speaking with other women and confident in myself when I left. Those are traits every woman should have and the support and strength of others helps us in our ability to move forward."

~Alexandra Anastasio, Freelance Writer for Bella NYC Magazine

"Becoming a Business Member has gotten me great contacts"

"Meeting Judy and becoming a Business Member has gotten me great contacts, including WPIX-TV Personality Tamsen Fadal. Thank-you Judy, you are remarkable!"

~Mina Deutsch, Mina D. Jewelry

"More inclusiveness than other groups targeted to women"

"Since I joined the Bergen County chapter yesterday, I've told several of my friends and colleagues about the organization and encouraged them to check out the website and to consider membership in their respective geographic areas. The concept allows for more inclusiveness than other groups targeted to women and is long overdue."

~Madelynn Peters, Bergen County Chapter Member

"So impressed by the energy and level of connection"

"I was so impressed by the energy and level of connection in the room I had to join right then and there. Judy has done a phenomenal job spreading the message and helping women connect, encourage, and inspire! I have met many wonderful women and am now on the Speakers Board and love it!"

~Heather Hansen-O'Neill, Founder and Author of "Find Your Fire in Five"

 "I love the idea of women supporting women"
"A real pleasure working with your organization. I love the idea of women supporting women and pushing each other to accomplish great things. You are living proof that obstacles can be overcome with creativity, hard work and support from the sisterhood."

~News 12 Anchor Rebecca Surran


3 - Year Member: "I feel supported and part of a community of like-minded women"


Dr. Leonaura Rhodes, Neuroscience Expert, Author


"Being with What Women Want can change your life"

"We have the BEST women here. You all have no idea how much you help me hold it together when things start falling apart. Some day you will all hear my story and you will be (or maybe not) surprised at just how much just being associated with What Women Want can change your life."

~Barbara Pesce, Long Island Chapter Director


"The strength in numbers concept rocks"

"Thank you for "setting the table" and inviting us to come together and create so much more than we could ever accomplish alone. The strength in numbers concept rocks and so do you!"

~Jeanne Rollins, "Zipline Lady"


"One of the smartest marketing decisions I ever made"
"Acquiring a business membership with Over 40 Females was one of the smartest marketing decisions I have ever made. It has given my business exposure to hundreds of entrepreneurial women who truly appreciate the importance of quality dental care."

~Dr. Joe Worthington, Cosmetic Dentist, Fairfield, CT


"Grateful for What Women Want"
"Celebrating America's birthday yesterday made me think of all the things I am grateful about. One of them is having stumbled upon "Over 40 Females" - thank you for creating it!"

~Luisa Rasiej, Founder of Inner Contessa



"Join the group…it's incredible what we can do together"
"The minute I met Judy Goss I knew that she was a fabulous lady doing fabulous things for What Women Want. Join the's incredible what we can do together."

~Cappy Devlin, Owner of Cappy's Travel, Business Member


"I love What Women Want!"
"I continue to be impressed and thrilled with everyone I meet through What Women Want. I love What Women Want!"

~Marilyn Palazzo, Chicago Chapter Member and Regional Hospice Director

"A wonderful organization"

"You have created such a wonderful organization and mission that is illustrated by the dynamic, talented and wonderful women that attended. I look forward to future events and ways I can work to get my firm here in town involved."

~Jennifer Huisking, Catamount Wealth Management

"What Women Want has given me confidence... motivation to succeed"

"Over 40 Females has given me the confidence for this venture and being surrounded by people who support and encourage me gives me the motivation to succeed!"

~Mary Beth Ciaramella, Representative for Michi Handbags

"I'm so proud to be a member"

"One of the most incredible events we have ever had! Thank-you for connecting us with such an inspiring group of women...I'm so proud to be a business member."

~Leena Gurevich, Showroom Director, Carlisle Collection, NYC



"I may be a newbie but everyone was very welcoming"

"I am new to networking (on my own behalf anyway) and when I attended my first meeting a couple of months ago I was a little nervous and did not go with any expectations - usually the best approach to anything. I may have been the newbie but everyone was very welcoming. What I hoped would be a positive business experience also turned into an enjoyable social one. After one meeting I knew it was a good fit for me. After 30 years in administration and operations at my firm (yikes) I'm becoming more client facing, and embracing it. I'm looking to grow my practice as an insurance and financial advisor (while still keeping my day job :) I applaud you and this group for creating a forum that benefits women on so many different levels. "

~Diana Neustadt, Director of Operations, Forest Hills Financial Group, NYC


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