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3 Risks to Take This Week - The Reward Will Be Worth It!

Posted By Judy Goss, Friday, July 14, 2017

I did this challenge and it brought terrific results! Especially the first one :)

This post is from my good friend and savvy businesswoman and entrepreneurial expert Sabina Hitchen: 

Hello, business friends!

I’d love for us to do something together this Sunday, that will ensure that by the time this week passes and we find ourselves once again back at Sunday, you’ll have seen real, forward movement in your business AND in your own personal levels of courage and confidence. What will we be up to? We are going to commit to challenging ourselves to take three small chances, three risks – though in truth, acting on them alone is going to reward you, guaranteed.

Does that sound good to you? It does to me, and I believe in them so much I’m going to take the challenges with you and share them as I do in InstaStory.

So who’s with me?  Find your three “risks” below and dive in! Let me cheer you on by sharing your plans in the comments of this post or on social media (just tag me so I don’t miss it).

RISK #1:


Without knowing you personally I feel 100% confident in telling you that there are probably one, or two – or a few – people in your life who you have been meaning to send an important email to, but you keep putting it off. But this isn’t just any email, this is an email that is – dum dum dummmmm –  asking them for something:

A connection, an introduction, a piece of advice, a referral, a contact, an interview on your blog – you name it!

Asking for things is scary – even when we know the person we’re reaching out to.  When we do, we often are faced with feelings of imposter syndrome, guilt, fear, feeling like a pest, and so forth.  So we procrastinate, we avoid, and we let opportunities pass us by.

Not this week.  I want you to pick ONE PERSON and do that ask.  Send that email. I’m serious, get it out of your mind, out of your drafts, and into our outbox!

This challenge is not to be interpreted as me telling you to go brain-picking or ask people you hardly know to spend two hours at a coffee shop with you, revealing their business secrets. I’m asking you to look within yourself to admit that there are people you have grown authentic relationships with (even if they’re strictly online connections) and I’m telling you to complete “the ask you have been wanting to reach out to them about, once and for all.

If you never try, you’ll never know. If you never ask, you’ll never receive.  And once again, closed mouths do not get fed.

RISK #2:



Guess how often members of the press get praised by their work?How about rarely to never. Sure, we ask them for a lot: press coverage, answers to our emails, etc., but how often do we reach out only to praise them?

Not only does saying something complimentary to a member of the press make YOU feel amazing, but it’s a fantastic foundation for a future relationship with them, and a positive way to pop onto their radar.  If you’re a regular student of mind you’ve had me teach you this tactic in the past, but how often are you doing it?  Hmmm?

So that’s your next challenge for the week: Read something in the press you’re targeting (online, in print, or watch it on TV), track down the person who wrote or created it on social media, and send them an authentic and specific compliment on Twitter or Instagram praising them for it.

Remember: No asking for anything, this is simply and purely praising and complimenting them.

RISK #3:


Here’s a little something you may not know about me: Whenever I need to get more courageous and less comfortable in my business (because that’s where all the good stuff comes from), I often kickstart the process by doing something less comfortable in my personal life.

For me, this is often taking an athletic risk (I will never be the Sporty Spice of any girl squad).  I’ve trained for races and ran more miles than I ever thought I could (read: anything over 2 miles blew my mind).  I’ve learned to stand on my head against a wall relying on my arm strength and guts.  I’ve gotten over my feelings of “but they’re all going to look at me” and done ridiculous crab and bear walks across gym floors.

Why do I do this? Well, besides my desires to be a healthy gal for decades, to ease stress and to acquire (strong) and showstopping legs, the answer is quite simple: I do it because when I face down what I fear or am uncomfortable with in other areas of my life, I am reminded I can conquer unknown areas at work as well!

Okay, so you’re in, right? You’re ready to start making visible changes in terms of your business and your bravery! Good, I promise it will be worth it.

Before I let you go, let me first remind you of this:

Life is short.  Life is an adventure. And YOUR Life is waiting to expand even more for you, personally and professionally.

So let’s begin with these three “risks” – these three challenges – together. And if you want support for this and other challenges from other entrepreneurs just like you, be sure you join the hundreds of them in our private Press for Success Facebook Community! 

P.S. Don’t forget to let me know how your challenges are working out!  I’ll do them with you – and InstaStory them as I do! Share your updates with me on social media and in the comments below this post on the blog!


How do you psych yourself up to take on a big challenge or risk?

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