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Empowering Women Through Networking


Founded for Women

What Women Want Networking™ chapters have been established nationwide with passionate directors leading local meetings every month, strengthening the bond of women in this growing community. In addition to the elite networking with a personal touch that we pride ourselves on, we provide women the resources necessary to boost their businesses, sales and client base, create valuable connections and collaborations, become an expert speaker in their industry, improve their mental mindset for maximum success, strengthen their networking strategies and much more.

A critical component of What Women Want Networking™ is providing support to women both professionally AND personally, as we feel that women can succeed faster and further in their businesses if they also work on the business of themselves.

Member Resources

Women want and need to feel connected to like-minded women. In a technology driven world like ours, online connections are often the stepping stones to so much more.

Member Resources

By joining our community you not only get the personal attention of our chapter directors and other women in your tribe, but also tools for maximizing your potential in your business.



What Women Want Networking has monthly events at our regional chapters nationwide, providing networking with a personal touch and also top industry leaders in their fields that you can meet and learn from.


Find out about and register for upcoming events. Click the event name in our calendar to view more details and most importantly, enjoy your event!


What Women Want Radio

Laugh, learn and be inspired every show along with Judy and Kristin and their fascinating celebrities and savvy experts from around the world as they cover topics that women (and some men!) want to hear!

What Women Want Radio

Join for celeb talk and behind the scenes anecdotes, candid stories of personal triumphs and tragedies, dating/relationship foibles and advice, and well, anything that sparks thoughtful conversation and an encouraging motivation for success in life and business.​​


Educational Videos

Learn simple solutions to building a business, taking control of your finances, enhancing your spirituality, improving your health, fashion and more right here from your fellow members!

Educational Videos

Learn all about cutting edge strategies for building your business to cultivating relationships, strengthening your mindset and more from top experts like former Clinton White House writer John Corcoran, CEO of What Women Want Judy Goss, Networking Expert Michelle Lederman and more!


“Judy Goss nailed it with a show like What Women Want by creating a place where women (and men!) can learn about topics ranging from business to spirituality. She makes every subject on the show fun and approachable, and I had a lot of fun talking to her and her listeners about how important the reality of creating an impactful first impression is.”

Sylvie DiGiusto, Founder of Executive Image Consulting



In the Spotlight

Inspiration & Encouragement

Educational Video Library

Learn simple solutions to building a business, taking control of your finances, enhancing your spirituality, improving your health, fashion and more right here from your fellow members!


Our Blog

Maximizing Your Potential in EVERY Way

Almost every woman we speak to at What Women Want expresses the desire to be more spiritually and physically healthy in their lives or to simply learn more about how they can be more mindfully successful.

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