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What Women Want/Wealth & Wisdom encourages every attendee to introduce themselves at every event whether it’s online or in person and curates captivating guest speakers who are top experts in their fields from across the country, along with choosing targeted guidance and advice for whatever type of business you are involved in. We also pride ourselves on supporting philanthropic causes.

Overall attendance we’ve had since the company ‘s inception is over 25,000 people!

Join our warmth and professionalism of connecting and collaborating PLUS:

  • Press– media is constantly showing up at events (both online and in person) and featuring members
  • Career support – we make it our personal mission to help each other
  • Nationwide speaking platforms – speakers are traveling the country presenting at our numerous chapters
  • Business partnerships – you will be amazed at the collaboration
  • Expert Guest Speakers – topics ranging from business to personal development
  • Pampering– Chapter directors routinely present raffles

Connecting with Women

“I have been a Speakers Board member of What Women Want for a while now, and honestly never took full advantage of the site. I put aside some time to reach out to each member in my area and introduced myself. Just saying hello. Not selling anything. And what I received in return, besides connecting with women I would have never connected with, was I was asked to speak in front of one of the other chapters! This was such a fabulous opportunity to meet 20 women that I would not have met otherwise. Thank you, What Women Want!”

Alyssa Peak, NYC Photographer

So impressed by the energy and level of connection

“I was so impressed by the energy and level of connection in the room I had to join right then and there. Judy has done a phenomenal job spreading the message and helping women connect, encourage, and inspire! I have met many wonderful women and am now on the Speakers Board and love it!”

~ Heather Hansen-O’Neill

Grace, Expertise and Understanding

“I can highly recommend What Women Want Networking. I have been a part of many international networking groups and have felt let down as the professionalism has been sorely lacking. This is not the case with What Women Want Networking. It is highly professional and is run with grace, expertise and an understanding of what successful women are looking for. All in all, I have grown my network with high calibre women who I have called upon for collaboration and friendships.”

Kim Normand Dobrin, Ashoka Fellow

Personal & Inspiring

“I recently attended a Tony Robbins seminar. In comparison I found the What Women Want/Over 40 Females group more personal and inspiring! Much less hype and more connections that will benefit me financially, spiritually and physically.”

~Debi Swanson, Owner of Budder Bath and Body Products



Not just another networking group, What Women Want/Wealth & Wisdom is focused on truly helping its members grow their businesses and enhancing their personal spirit.

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