About Cathryn Marshall

Cathryn Marshall is an entrepreneur, speaker and the President of What Women Want Networking. She has been in business since the age of 16 and has a passion for helping women be successful. She spent 25 years in the fitness industry leading personal trainers and clients to be successful with their health and in every area of life. Her Virtual Wealth Online program shows business owners how to work online to leverage their expertise. She's passionate about connecting people and helping them grow their network both online and offline. She is the author of the Amazon best selling book: Simple Fat Burn: Three Steps to Becoming Fit & Lean. As a leader in the fitness industry, her motto is: "Get fit fast and make it last!" With hundreds of success stories, Cathryn specializes in weight loss by balancing blood sugar to get immediate results. She is particularly interested in placing women in the media, and supporting philanthropic events and charities. Cathryn travels frequently and is a loves the beach, animals, art, wine and chocolate.


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