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The key to mastering the monkey mind is to stop using your head!  But, how do you do that?  Doesn’t my mind run the show? Yes, and no.

‘Monkey mind’ is often the result of having bought into thoughts and beliefs that are not aligned with who you are, living according to the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ mantra, and discomfort with your current life situation(s).

And, chances are you’re a smart and successful woman. You’re not too inclined to stop trying to think your way out of it or, you’re willing but not knowing what to change, the monkey continues to rattle the cage!

Kim will re-introduce you to five areas of your life and being that you can re-think (the yes) and do differently (the no).

Kim Sumlin of Knowledge is Magic is a life coach with a focus on personal and spiritual development.  As a former educator with more than 20 years experience working with students and their families she understood that ‘whole child’ education was imperative.  She has extended this philosophy in her coaching practice.

JOIN US!  We are a tribe of like-minded, soulful women who meet once a month to CONNECT, ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE each other.  We gather and socialize for 30 minutes,  then share a meal while listening to Kim’s presentation.

Please bring your business cards, brochures/fliers and a FRIEND! You are always welcome to bring a door prize, minimum value $25, please. If you are a first time visitor, please contact Deborah Fawaz at 678-575-6577 for a discount code!

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