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by Dr. Shawn Haywood

It can be a real challenge to solve emotional overwhelm in effective and efficient ways. Common belief is that things like stress, overwhelm, worry, anxiety, anger, loneliness and resentment can ‘only be managed’ not removed.

HOWEVER, I assure you, emotional overwhelm of any kind  CAN be removed,, and it is the most LIBERATING thing you will ever do for yourself and your family!

What you learn from this presentation will help you be free of the negativity that can lead to living a life where you wake up already overwhelmed by the day ahead, inviting crippling stress that impacts not only you, but your health, family and career.

Key Take Aways:

• Learn the most valuable tool to REMOVE negative emotion so you can feel totally energized, empowered, and on fire for life each and every day.

• Uncover the keys to being able to experience an unbreakable connection to yourself (ya know, stop beating yourself up and remove the endless self criticism)

• Free yourself from annoying “balls and chains” like time-consuming perfectionism, high stress and overwhelm and LEARN how you can live a ‘success only’ lifestyle!

• Feel so energized that you have more time, love and energy to share with your family on an ongoing basis!


JOIN US!  We are a tribe of like-minded, soulful women who meet once a month to CONNECT, ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE each other.  We gather and socialize for 30 minutes,  then share a meal while listening to an empowering presentation about personal development, professional development, or both!

Please bring your business cards, brochures/fliers and a FRIEND! You are always welcome to bring a door prize, minimum value $25, please. If you are a first time visitor, please contact Deborah Fawaz, Chapter Director,  at 678-575-6577 for a discount code! Would you like to sponsor this event and have 5 minutes to showcase your business? Ask me how!

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