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“How to Eliminate Your Money Blocks”

3 Keys to Increase Cash Flow – Without Sacrificing Your Life

Ever feel like you’re getting a TON of work done, but still aren’t seeing the money to show for it? Or like you’re not sure if your mile-long to-do list has any activities that actually generate revenue? Join Monica for the fix!
In this training, you’ll discover…
  • Why you’re not making enough (or keep hitting a money ceiling), and how to resolve it in under 5 minutes
  • An easy tool to increase your revenue in the next 60 days
  • The top 3 activities to generate money – CONSISTENT money!
  • A simple process to double your income this year – without sacrificing all your time.

Monica Shah, a seven-figure business coach who helps entrepreneurs build businesses that support their ideal lifestyles, Author, Speaker, CEO of Revenue Breakthrough will deliver this impactful informtaiion while we are enjoying a delicious meal.

JOIN US!  We are a tribe of like-minded, soulful women who meet once a month to CONNECT, ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE each other.  We gather and socialize for 30 minutes,  then share a meal while listening to an empowering presentation about personal development, professional development, or both!

Please bring your business cards, brochures/fliers and a FRIEND! You are always welcome to bring a door prize, minimum value $25, please. If you are a first time visitor, please contact Deborah Fawaz, Chapter Director,  at 678-575-6577 for a discount code!

Would you like to sponsor this event and have 5 minutes to showcase your business? Ask me how!

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