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“Create a business you love that pays what you deserve so you can live more and work less.

When you got into your business, you probably had some idea that you would make enough to pay off loans, buy a home, save for a family, college, or retirement, or just live more comfortably. But then you saw that the pay wasn’t quite cutting it, and the only way to really make more money was to work more hours or increase client volume. Sometimes it may seem there is always a new thing to learn or certification to get…or you feel like you have to add all kinds of additional services or product sales both on- and offline to stay competitive in the market. Maybe it has “never really been about the money” for you, but you can’t help but wonder, “Is this it?” Good news!  You don’t have to constantly pile more and more onto your plate to feel fulfilled. There’s a simple way to achieve your business goals by doing more with less.

In this presentation, you’ll discover…

  • How to identify the top 20% of things you really need to be doing to achieve the business results you want
  • The one simple shift to make to create a healthy business that isn’t so expensive, laborious and never ending.

Dr. Julie Granger, founder of PRISM Wellness Center, knows first hand that as a busy, driven professional, it’s hard to maintain energy and inspiration when you’re working so hard to help
others to gain theirs back. She is dedicated to guiding coaches, health professionals and entrepreneurs to find joy and fulfillment in their careers and practices.


JOIN US!  We are a tribe of like-minded, soulful women who meet once a month to CONNECT, ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE each other.  We gather and socialize for 30 minutes,  then share a meal while listening to an empowering presentation about personal development, professional development, or both!

Please bring your business cards, brochures/fliers and a FRIEND! You are always welcome to bring a door prize, minimum value $25, please. If you are a first time visitor, please contact Deborah Fawaz, Chapter Director,  at 678-575-6577 for a discount code!

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