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Learn THREE keys to becoming the leader of your own desires:

1)  How externally-driven leadership strategies cause your Performance Paralysis™ and keep you from truly prospering in life and business.

2)  The exact steps you need to take to uncover your innate Personal Leadership DNA so you can attract more high-end clients with greater ease.

3)  How leading from within brings the highest level of harmony, beauty, love and well-being to your life and business, so that you finally go from chaos to calm, and achieve sustainable success.

Françoise Everett is a feminine leadership coach and founder of a personal leadership and lifestyle brand who inspires women worldwide to achieve unprecedented success by leading quietly in a noisy world.

JOIN US!  We are a tribe of like-minded, soulful women who meet once a month to CONNECT, ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE each other.  We gather and socialize for 30 minutes,  then share a meal while listening to an empowering presentation about personal development, professional development, or both!

Please bring your business cards, brochures/fliers and a FRIEND! You are always welcome to bring a door prize, minimum value $25, please. If you are a first time visitor, please contact Deborah Fawaz, Chapter Director,  at 678-575-6577 for a discount code!

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