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“Whether it is hurricanes, enormous fires, wars, economic calamities, or now “Covid-19”, the underlying consistent pattern has been of intense fear and intense compassion.  But with Covid, our reactions seem to be heavily weighted by intense fear.  And that is just not working.  It is just not good enough because days will come when we may look back on 2020 and think of it fondly. (Wha wut?!!!)

How do we handle fearful situations?  Most people do as much as they can to get rid of or run away from the fearful situation.  But you can’t outrun a virus and maybe not what’s even next.  So here’s an idea:  what if we met our fear, had “tea” with it, and then helped it go on its way?  Do you think that would be helpful.  You’re darn right.  Imagine if you lived your life without fear.  Think about how many decisions/choices you have not made, not done, or gone with something much less because of your fears.  If you are a healthy human being, it’s A LOT!”  How much clearer and better would your choices be?  Answer:  A LOT!

It’s just tea. “

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