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We all have the ability to evolve beyond limits by forgiving who we were, embracing who we are, and never putting limits on who we might become. Creating abundance requires some internal shifts so you’re aligned to receive and make an impact. Stacy Gissal will help us understand:
  • The energy behind why you are calling in money 
  • The importance of being able to openly give AND receive (women really struggle with the receive part)
  • Why it is important for money to be attached to a strong why or purpose

Stacy Gissal is a former special needs nurse, nutritionist, and recovering perfectionist. Her passion for helping others stems from her own personal journey of overcoming self doubt and insecurities that led to a history of disordered eating, perfectionism, and lack of identity.

After a huge wake up call, Stacy decided to make a change and over time has redefined success and is now living the life of freedom, fun, adventure, and impact she was craving. She attributes this to dropping her ego, doing the inner work and finding purpose and meaning in her life through helping others.

Stacy is widely known for her work empowering others to make the internal shifts necessary to overcome their sticking points and leading them down a transformational journey of self discovery. She does this through a unique process that helps you identify your blind spots and reconnect to your highest self so you can show up and make the impact you were born for.

Connect with Stacy on INSTAGRAM or at https://www.stacygissal.com/

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