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Jenya Hampton has been interested in nutrition as a direct result of early childhood
illness. She set out on a personal journey to improve her health and the health of
people around her through proper nutrition and education.
Jenya has dedicated last 22 years to the nutritional wellness industry in various
capacities, which include such work as a Certified Health Coach, Qi Gong Instructor,
Raw food Chef/ Instructor, and Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture therapist.
Jenya holds a Certification in Advanced Clinical Nutritional Response Testing and her
last assignment before starting her own practice was as a Nutritional Lifestyle Center
Director for an alternative cancer treatment facility in Arizona, where nutrition was
instrumental in the health and recovery of patients.
Through her business, Smart Nutrition & Wellness, Jenya is realizing her passion for
helping people regain and maintain optimal health, safely and naturally, without
unnecessary drugs and surgery.