What Women Want™ has numerous Connect LIVE! Chapters across the country that hold exciting, powerhouse events monthly for women to network in person. These regional chapters’ memberships include free event attendance along with the online benefits that includes an online profile, business building and personal development videos, live chat connections with other members, and more features coming soon!: www.whatwomenwantnetworking.com

Just click the Memberships tab on the homepage, click the type of membership you would like and register!  It’s as simple as that. And then you can start instantly connecting and collaborating with our other fabulous women. Speakers Board Membership is by application only to maintain the high standard of speakers that we are known for across the country.

Your What Women Want membership begins from the day you register.

When you register you will automatically get a profile to complete. Be sure to fill out your profile completely, as we are constantly scouting to present members for press and also for other unique promotional opportunities that feature our members, whether it is on the website itself or for a media outlet. 

Once you’re signed in, you go to Member Portal in the main menu, select My Membership, and from the Dashboard click “Edit my password” link in the text.  From there you will be asked to input a new password and confirm it.  Don’t forget to “Save” your changes!

It’s easy – Once you’ve logged in, go to “Members Area” in the upper menu and click “Edit Profile”.  From there, you will be able to edit any details about your profile page.  Clicking “Upload a Profile Picture” will allow you to set your new profile picture.

Then you should think about starting a chapter yourself or with a co-director! If you are interested in being interviewed for this opportunity please email: info@whatwomenwn.com

Your profile is only visible to other Members in your Chapter.  We respect your privacy and want to ensure only other, vetted members have access to your business and contact information.

Yes, a profile and all of the other benefits are included for every membership purchase. If you join through a live event, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to create a profile, along with your receipt when your purchase has been approved.

The longer you’re a member, the more you will benefit from our service as we will be adding more and more opportunities and resources to help you network and/or grow your business.  However, sometimes life happens, and should you not need to renew your membership at the end of the year we’ll understand.  For more information please check the Terms and Conditions.

It’s always a good idea to be aware that some of your information may be viewed by the public.  That being said, our platform is designed to allow you to network with other members, and we take steps to ensure your profiles are kept inside the community.

Once you sign up you are committed for the term of your agreement as per the Terms of Service.  However, your membership only renews by your choice.

We monitor whatwomenwantnetworking.com carefully, but if you see something that is not appropriate please email customer service: support@whatwomenwn.com

Have more questions?