Deb Krier

Deb Krier is a marketing and social media adviser, professional speaker, and trainer. With more than 20 years as a marketing and public relations professional, she’s passionate about helping professionals use social media to promote themselves and their businesses. She helps people learn how to use marketing tools in a way that expands their professional networks, creates business, and gets new clients. She’s given keynote presentations, seminars and workshops to groups throughout the United States. She’s also host of The Business Power Hour, on Mile Hi Radio, with her first program airing in 2012.

She’s also president of Wise Women Communications (WWC), a public relations and marketing firm. Her background includes experience in event coordination, media and public relations, internal and external communications, crisis management, integrated marketing campaigns, brand management, website development, and community relations. She has an MBA degree with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Colorado and an MS in communications management from Colorado State University.

Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, Deb’s a member of the South Cobb Business Association, the Marietta Business Association, the West Cobb Business Association and What Women Want. She’s a past president of The Association for Women in Communications (Denver Chapter) and was honored as an Outstanding Woman of Achievement by AWC in 2008. She’s a past president of the University of Colorado Denver Buff Club and currently serves as a co-chapter leader for the Atlanta Chapter of the CU-Boulder Alumni Association.

Story Selling for Business

It’s often said that we have “five seconds or less to make a lasting impression….” and that’s true now more than ever with the flood of information we continually encounter. It’s critical to capture someone’s attention – and keep it. This is universal for a website, social media post, brochure, and other marketing materials.

It’s also true about our “in person” interactions.

Stories are the best way to do this. Stories allow the audience to connect with us in a way that data, facts and dull content never will.

Stories allow us to build rapport. Rapport leads to relationships.

Storytelling is a skill we ALL possess…but we need to learn how to truly use it.

By sharing her programs that are entertaining, educational and engaging, Deb teaches audiences to release their inner storyteller.

LockedOn to LinkedIn

Help members of your organization finish-up and power-up their valuable business summaries, by scheduling LockedOn To LinkedIn, by Deb Krier, The SociaLight.

LinkedIn profiles involve so much more than simply cutting and pasting in your resume or filling in the blanks with vague and typical answers. This in-depth presentation reveals how to leverage strategic information to establish a strong professional image.

Topics include:

  • The three most important things you need in your Profile
  • Optimizing your information in the various sections
  • Utilizing the Professional Gallery
  • How to connect with others and leverage those connections

Deb shares this information in an easily understood format, so users at all levels can understand it and immediately use it to their professional advantage.

Conversations to Conversions

Learn how your company can easily reach hundreds—or thousands—of potential clients using the marketing tools social media provides.

Many business owners and managers think social media is a waste of time, where people just post family photos, funny jokes and what they had for lunch. While this is certainly true for some, social media is a very valuable marketing tool and shouldn’t be overlooked by any business, no matter what size, industry or location.

In Conversations to Conversions, Deb shows businesses how to leverage their presence on social media to gain customers and clients and spread their marketing message.

Topics include:

  • The “EIEIO” strategy for social media success
  • Incorporating existing marketing messages
  • How, what, where and when to post
  • Time-saving measures
  • Dealing with negative comments or posts

Whether you’re brand new to social media or an active user, you’ll learn tips and techniques for successfully using social media to promote your business.

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