Mala Dukhi-Bhansingh

  • Name:
    Mala Dukhi-Bhansingh

  • Company:
    Wise Women Smart Money

  • Title:
    CPA and Financial Coach

  • Area of Expertise:
    Finance and Money

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Getting Your Money Handled; 3 Secrets to Creating and Keeping More

  • Speaking Topic #2:
    3 Steps to Having More Money in 2018

  • Speaking Topic #3:
    3 Ways to be More Open to Receiving Abundance

  • Chapter:
    Long Island, NY

  • Will Travel:

  • Speaking Sample:

I have been a CPA for the last 20 years. Additionally I am trained as a Coach by Dr. Martha Beck who is Oprah Winfrey’s Life Coach.

I decided to become a Money Coach because I realized this is what I love to do.

Eight years ago, I was divorced with two young children. Suddenly, I had to take a long hard look at my own financial situation. I had to get clear about my own money story and what society or our culture tells us about money and women. Because of my background as a CPA, I understood the practical side on money. However, I had to understand my money story and how that story has created many limiting beliefs in my past and current life situation. As I gained more peace, clarity and abundance in my own life, I wanted to help other people as well

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