Martha McGinnis

Martha McGinnis is an Eating Coach who helps others discover the Diet-Free, Willpower-Free path to lasting weight loss that has enabled her to maintain a 45-pound weight loss for 30+ years without dieting. After losing 15 pounds on her first diet at age 13, Martha re-gained more than 60 pounds and spent years fighting her body. She finally learned that to stop gaining and start losing, she had to stop dieting. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and developer of the AIM Eating approach, which enables women to regain their power over food so they can maintain a happy weight, eat with joy and satisfaction, feel comfortable in their bodies, and build the energy and confidence to realize their dreams.

Martha has an MBA and has founded 2 companies: and She is currently a VP of the Southeast Association of Facilitators, and is a past President of both the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and the former Atlanta Treasury Management Association.

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