Debra Scott

  • Name:
    Debra Scott

  • Company:
    Atlanta Planning Group

  • Title:
    Investment Advisor

  • Area of Expertise:
    Financial Planning including insurance, investments (retirement & college), and business owner concerns.

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Bridging the Generation Gap in Financial Planning for every Life Stage

    How the life experiences and cultural environments affect the financial mindsets and behaviors of millennials, generation xers, baby boomers and the greatest generation and the common elements, needs and solutions for financial security for each generation and how they approach success.

  • Speaking Topic #2:
    The Bottom Line: Financial Guidance for Business Owners

    How to avoid the pitfalls that destroy profitability and make your business vulnerable to financial failure with examples of businesses at three stages of the business life cycle: start up, well established and growth phase and finally, the succession and harvest phase.

  • Speaking Topic #3:
    Money Momentum: A guide to creating the Lifestyle you desire

    Financial literacy fundamentals such as budget guidelines, emergency funds, realistic plans, compound interest, financial priorities, insurance basics, investing basics and good habits

  • Chapter:
    Buckhead GA

  • Will Travel:
    Nationally, Regionally, Locally

  • Speaking Sample:

Debra Donaldson Scott has been an independent financial planner since 2011 and worked in the financial services sector since 2000 first for an insurance agency and then for Wachovia Bank as Financial Specialist and loan officer. She was a litigation and corporate paralegal for many years after working her way through college, graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Georgia, and recovering from many financial setbacks such as divorce from her first husband and losing a parent at age 15. Debra understands from her life experiences many of the challenges her clients face and how valuable learning financial literacy and following a financial plan can be to achieve a desirable lifestyle for individuals, families, businesses and secure retirements. Debra lives in Buckhead with her husband, two rescue dogs and two rescue cats. In addition to animals, she loves live music, sports, and entertaining friends and family.



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