Erin Newman

  • Name:
    Erin Newman

  • Company:
    Erin Newman Group LLC

  • Title:
    Mindset + Business Coach

  • Area of Expertise:
    Mindset for Entrepreneurs

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Money Magic: Remove Your Limiting Beliefs Around Your Next Level Income

    Teaches how to:

    • Uncover the subconscious beliefs that hold us back
    • Discover your main money story
    • Release your biggest limiting belief around money
    • Very experiential talk!
  • Speaking Topic #2:
    Authentic Courage: How to Be Consistent and Confident in Your Marketing…without Feeling Slimy, Sales-y, or Pushy

    You’ll discover how to:

    • Feel confident about your unique gifts
    • Come up with a plan that feels aligned, natural, and YOU
    • Incorporate “real world” results into your marketing…that still feel like “you”
    • Attract your ideal clients with messages that speak to their problems
  • Speaking Topic #3:
    Be Your Own Shaman: How to Connect with Your Shamanic Guides to Grow an Authentic, Aligned, AND Successful Business

    • How to connect and partner with your helping spirits, guides and allies
    • How to determine what are aligned ways of interacting with the other realms..and what if feels like to bring this knowledge into your business
    • Simple, take-home methods for Shamanic journeying and connection
  • Chapter:
    Buckhead, GA

  • Will Travel:
    Locally, Regionally

  • Speaking Sample:
    Speaking Sample Link

Erin is a mindset + business coach for women entrepreneurs. Through a mixture of practical strategies and Shamanic healing, she helps women to bust through limiting beliefs and truly claim their magic in order to attract their ideal clients and make the money they deserve.



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