Janet D Thomas

  • Name:
    Janet D Thomas

  • Company:
    Janet D Thomas

  • Title:
    Transformational Speaker and Emotional Healing Expert

  • Area of Expertise:
    Life Coaching

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    End Weighting and Begin Loving: Identify and Release the Need for Emotional Eating

  • Speaking Topic #2:
    From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Turning lemons into lemonade

  • Speaking Topic #3:
    Your Passion is Alive while You Work 9 to 5

  • Chapter:
    Los Angeles, CA

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Janet’s intention is to help reverse our obesity epidemic and restore health during this generation.  Janet D. Thomas, founder of the Heal For Real!™ movement, is an emotional healing expert. Her transformative products and services provide practical tools to promote, support and sustain self-healing and a pathway to health.

Through intuitive and spiritual guidance, Janet helps those who want to Heal For Real identify and transform limiting beliefs, restore emotional wellness, and discover their unique gifts and talents. Janet is also a captivating speaker and award-winning author who practices what she preaches. This imparts to her written and spoken words the power to inspire, motivate and heal. And because her message is based upon her personal experience, describing her own transformation literally energizes transformation in those who experience her.

A lifelong metaphysician and with over 25 years as a trained channel and medium, Janet is a highly effective spiritual coach. She is a recurring guest on Huffington Post Live and one of Maria Shriver’s “Architects for Change.” Janet is also a guest blogger for numerous sites and is a columnist for Simple Steps Real Change Magazine. A native of Southern California, Janet lives, writes and maintains her coaching practice in Los Angeles, California. She is the mother of an adult son, of whom she is very proud.

Speaking Topic #1:   End Weighting and Begin Loving: Identify and Release the Need for Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is the number one cause of obesity. A lifelong emotional eater, Janet has cured her own obesity and shares her personal journey and ultimate success in managing this challenge. You’ll learn how to put her breakthrough techniques to work so that you, too, can successfully lose weight and keep it off.

Speaking Topic #2:  From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Turning lemons into lemonade

Breakdowns occur when we have a strong desire, need or expectation that is continually unmet. In this heartfelt talk, Janet shows how to transform unfulfilled desires and unwanted situations into amazing opportunities. An expert at converting these situations into building blocks for success, Janet provides practical steps that help you process and move through them. You’ll leave this presentation ready to step into your own renewed and magical reality and move, as Janet did, from breakdown to breakthrough.

Speaking Topic #3:  Your Passion is Alive while You Work 9 to 5

Your existing career isn’t an interruption in your path, it’s part of your path. Utilizing principles associated with the Law of Attraction, Janet helps you leverage your professional relationships and use them to unveil and develop your labor of love.

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