Julie Granger

  • Name:
    Julie Granger

  • Company:
    PRISM Wellness Center

  • Title:
    Healthy Mindset Coach & Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Area of Expertise:
    Women & Teen Hormone, Emotional & Spiritual Health

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    End the Battle: How to achieve and sustain the health you desire with confidence and ease

    Feeling frustrated or powerless because you’ve been trying everything to get your health back, but still not seeing the results you want? Getting healthy doesn’t have to feel like you’re fighting a losing battle that takes up all your time, money, and sanity. It’s time to learn how to end the battle and discover a healthy life you love that inspires you and is actually fun.

    In this workshop, you’ll discover…

    (1) The 3 things keeping you stuck in the cycle of frustration and overwhelm about your health, and how to get out of the cycle

    (2) The one simple shift to make that will change your relationship with your health so that it becomes more fun and adventurous and less of a battle

    (3) The 3 key actions you can practice to create sustainable health for the long run so you can focus on living your life

  • Speaking Topic #2:
    Discover and Keep Your Ultimate Health: The #1 secret (that nobody’s talking about) to taking your health to the next level

    Ever feel like you just can’t quite do enough to stay healthy? You invest a lot in your health: you try to eat healthy foods, move your body, and practice self care on the daily. Yet it seems there is always a new supplement to try, food to eliminate… or you find out the way you’re exercising is all wrong for your body. Good news! It doesn’t to feel like you have to constantly pile more and more onto your plate to stay healthy. There’s a simple way to achieve ultimate health by doing more with less.

    In this seminar, you’ll discover…

    (1) How to identify the top 20% of things you really need to be doing to achieve the health results you want

    (2) The one simple shift to make to create a healthy lifestyle that isn’t so expensive, laborious and neverending

    (3) The 3 key daily actions to take so you can rest assured that when you put your head on the pillow each night, you have done enough to take care of yourself that day

  • Speaking Topic #3:
    Get Power over Your Period: How to Reclaim Your Power and Keep Your Period from Running Your Life

    Ever been told that it’s no big deal to have painful, heavy, or irregular periods…and you can just manage them and all the icky things that come along with them (bloating, acne, moodiness) with a pill? You’re not alone, and those things aren’t true! There are plenty of simple things you can do to resolve your period problems and move beyond the worry and stress of having it run your life on a monthly basis.

    In this workshop, you’ll discover…

    (1) The top reasons why you have period problems in the first place

    (2) How to move from simply managing and putting “band-aids” on your symptoms to actually eliminating them for good

    (3) The 3 simple practices you can do to get better periods so you can spend less time stressing and have more energy to live a healthy life you love.

  • Chapter:
    Buckhead, GA

  • Will Travel:
    Locally, Regionally, Nationally

  • Speaking Sample:

Equal parts skilled detective, savvy business owner, creative puzzle master, teen magician, nomad, spiritual and medical junkie, unicorn and lifelong athlete, Dr. Julie Granger has always worn the go-getter badge with honor in her life and career.

Dr. Julie Granger is a healthy mindset coach, certified women’s health coach (WHC) and Doctor of Physical Therapy. She has degrees from Duke and Emory, is a speaker and medical school professor and has more than 10 years of experience as a sought-after, internationally acclaimed women’s and teen health expert.

She founded her company, PRISM Wellness Center, to create an environment where women and teens feel confident and powerful to discover and create personalized healthy living paths that inspire them and reflect what they truly love.

If you’re like Julie, whatever it is you choose to do in life, you do it BIG! Win the race, excel in your job or business or, perhaps, even decide to start a family.

As a former, competitive swimmer turned passionately-driven physical therapist (PT), Dr. Julie poured countless hours and energy into growing her medical career.

Though she succeeded on many fronts, she also suffered along the way with stress and sickness…until one day, she hit one major ‘snag.’ After speaking at an industry conference, she experienced a series of panic attacks that led to a health spiral.

That spiral ultimately ended with a diagnosis of an unrelenting and rare form of cancer.

In this moment, Dr. Julie dug deep – along with a team of health & life coaches and medical providers – to examine, save and reinvent her life.

As it turned out, she learned that all that striving she’d done before wasn’t the route to happiness. She had earned a lot of gold stars in life, yes; but, she felt neither happy, nor healthy.

Dr. Julie began a women’s healthy mindset coaching practice to help women and teens who are feeling stuck, lost, challenged or simply burnt out with their lives and health—and who are suffering the consequences because of it.

She believes that health, happiness and success are not mutually exclusive, and that achieving a healthy life we love does not have to be so laborious and never-ending, and she loves speaking to and teaching women in groups of 10-600 to master their own definition of healthy and have fun while they do.

Dr. Julie has been featured as an industry expert, speaker and resource to the industry and media including:

11Alive (NBC Atlanta Affiliate)
American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting
American Physical Therapy Association NEXT Conference
The Physical Therapy Association of Georgia ImPacT Conference
Emory University Sports Medicine Conference
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Pain Conference
Women in Women’s Health Conference
Gwinnett County Swim & Dive Booster Club Annual Awards Gala
Swim Across America
The National Strength and Conditioning Association

She has been featured in several local, national and international publications, including:

Outside Magazine
Modern Luxury Medicine + Doctors Magazine
Perspectives Magazine
PT in Motion Magazine
The Gwinnett Daily Post
Atlanta InTown Newspaper

She has also been featured on many nationally- and internationally-acclaimed health and wellness podcasts including:

The Pelvic Health Podcast
The Masterful Art of Self Care Podcast
Kumbay’all Podcast
Fit2B Podcast
2 Curls on Oil Podcast
Owning Her Health Podcast



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