Kim Sumlin

  • Name:
    Kim Sumlin

  • Company:
    Knowledge Is Magic

  • Title:
    Transformational Life Coach

  • Area of Expertise:
    Personal and Spiritual Growth and Transformation Coaching, Reiki Master

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    How Many Legs are You Standing On?

    Integration of Mind, Body and Soul are optimal to function fully in this world.  When you’re too heavily dependent on one of these you are in danger of tipping over as a lopsided three-legged stool.  In the Western culture we have come to rely most heavily on our mind, causing many to experience the ‘monkey mind’, or mind chatter.  Coupled with the device most of us carry 12-18 hours a day, and it’s no wonder we feel scattered, unable to focus, up at night and experience a constant low-level angst throughout the day.

    You will learn:

    • about the mind, why we need other avenues of accessing the wisdom of our soul.
    • about the body, how to use the body to relieve stress and access the wisdom on our soul.
    • about the soul, how to identify its energy and the wisdom for optimal personal growth.
    • tools for strengthening all three legs of your life’s journey
  • Speaking Topic #2:
    How do You Vibrate?

    Attraction principles, such as the Law of Attraction, are not worth the board and pictures you use for a Vision Board, or the paper you write on while scripting if you are not in vibrational harmony with the ideas you want to create.  Vibrational integrity in attraction principles is about being curious, joyous and synchronistic about the process of manifestation.

    You will learn:

    • what energetic vibration is.
    • positive mindset.
    • to have a vision/goal/desire without being attached to the details/specifics of how it arrives.
  • Speaking Topic #3:
    How Does your Relationship Garden Grow?

    Everything is energy and your life is about how you experience that energy, so…

    Everything is a relationship. A soul relationship.

    And all relationships exist to promote personal and spiritual growth…from the homeless guy on the street to the store clerk to your spouse/partner and children.

    You will learn:

    • three different types of relationships and their significance to our growth and development
    • how to maintain personal energy in a relationship.
    • how to cultivate positive energy in your relationships.
  • Chapter:
    Buckhead, GA

  • Will Travel:

  • Speaking Sample:

K.I.M is a coaching practice of individual transformation. Kim is an intuitive clarity coach and Reiki master who helps really smart people who are over use their minds to quiet the mind chatter and deafen the ‘shitty should’ in their lives. I work one-on-one with individuals, conduct Vision Board Workshops (manifesting via law of attraction via vibrational intention), on-line programs and retreats teaching personal growth, spiritual principles and practices of mind, body & soul. I merge my knowledge of coaching skills and energetic work with psychological principles and spiritual teachings to help my clients and workshop participants manifest the life they love by being more integrated and aligned with who they truly are.



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