Kris Sargent

Dr Kris Sargent has been featured on PBS, Healthnet Radio and ABC News. A Doctor of Chiropractic for over 21 years, she is owner and clinic director of the Restor Healing Centre. Chosen as one of the top 105 Chiropractors in Chicago as a 2014 Five Star Chiropractor Award winner. She has spoken for organizations such as Xerox, ClearBrook and Willow Creek just to name a few. Her forthcoming book is called Perfect Self Confidence: How to have Vitality Strength and Courage. Kris Sargent has spent much of her life making poor decisions based in fear, poor self confidence and self worth. The unconscious personal quest to fill that void ran her into brick walls many times. She has discovered the true source for your self confidence and self worth which will provide the base for a fearless life!

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