Linda Albright

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    Linda Albright

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    Women’s Wealth Revolution

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    Life/Business Coaching

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    How to get 3 new clients in 30 days!

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    Three Secrets to Profit from Your Unique Brilliance

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    Soulful Sales Secrets

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    Hartford, CT

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A lifetime entrepreneur for over 2 decades, Linda helped build successful companies in several different markets, including corporate software, professional services (a chimney sweep business with operations in three states) and a venture-capital funded dotcom company, before building her own 6-figure business.

Her passion for “starting things” has transformed into a clear mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs make good money with their natural gifts and talents. She believes that when women entrepreneurs become financially and spiritually empowered, the world becomes a better place. Hands down!! Drawing frequently on both eastern and western religious traditions, Linda helps her clients connect to their sense of purpose in the world as they navigate the never-ending needs of work, family, and community.

Linda is a licensed spiritual counselor, the founder of the CT chapter of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, an Advisory Board Member of the national networking group Over 40 Females, and a Founding Board Member of the Copper Beech Institute, a preeminent center for meditation and mindfulness in the state of CT.

My Journey Into Entrepreneurialism…

Let’s just say my start as an entrepreneur was…a little unique, to say the least. When I graduated from college over 20 years ago, I watched as most of my Ivy League classmates headed either to Wall St. or to law school. But I knew that wasn’t for me. I was an Art History major, for cryin’ out loud…so what in the world was I supposed to do?

So I did what anyone in my shoes would do; I opened up the newspaper to the Help Wanted ads found what would become my DREAM JOB. In big black sharpie, I remember circling the ad that read:


(I think I can honestly say, without a doubt, that I am the only Ivy League graduate, in the history of Ivy League graduates, who has ever run off to become a chimney sweep.) And so, yes, I did learn how to clean, inspect, repair and even build chimneys. But during that time, something remarkable happened: Within two years, I helped open 3 offices in 3 states, thereby getting my first taste of what launching and running a company really felt like.

I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug. And I was HOOKED.

Now believe it or not I burned out from the chimney sweep business, and I eventually ended up in San Francisco where I helped launch 3 different high tech companies, including a venture-funded dotcom company long before most people had ever heard of “dotcoms…”

It was an INCREDIBLE ride… But it wasn’t easy…

Because like most entrepreneurs, I killed myself with 100-hour workweeks and no time for exercise or myself. I was married to my career. I loved what I was doing, but I had absolutely no life. And at one point, I even hid the fact that I was 5 months pregnant to the investors who ultimately gave us several million dollars to get our dotcom off the ground.

But here’s where it gets crazy: I was so into my work that EIGHT days after having my first child, I went back to work. And FOURTEEN days after having my first child, we launched the business. And so yes, in case you’re wondering I basically birthed a baby and a business in the same month, and yes…folks…I LOST MY MIND.

From that VERY challenging experience, I realized there HAD to be a better way. There HAD to be a way for smart professional women to launch their dreams without losing minds. So I resigned from my high-powered very well paying position, and began the journey to find the solution to help women entrepreneurs do what they’re called to do but enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life as well.

So all that being said, I am thrilled to share with you what I have learned along the way, from my own experiences as well as from the fabulous entrepreneurs I’ve worked with. I’ve encapsulated all this into my various programs, both in individual and group coaching packages.

Because…. I know… firsthand what it takes to grow a small business into a big business…with heart.

My wish for you – the brilliant and passionate women of the world – is that you live empowered and manifest those dreams you’ve been carrying around for a long time. I know you can do it, and would be honored to assist you along the way.

Peace & Blessings,



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