MaryLou Harris

  • Name:
    MaryLou Harris

  • Title:
    Owner / Founder

  • Area of Expertise:
    Natural Solutions for a Toxic World

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  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Natural Solutions for a Toxic World

  • Chapter:
    Buckhead, GA

  • Will Travel:
    Within the US

  • Speaking Sample:

I am a happy and healthy mother/grandmother and Holistic Wellness Advocate, specializing in health and nutritional coaching. I am a passionate educator of how to incorporate natural solutions into your life as a first line of defense. I love sharing these “user friendly” and old world ideas with anyone looking to improve their lives physically and emotionally. Like many others, I went down the path of finding natural solutions when my own health started deteriorating nearly a decade ago… I needed to know WHY my body was starting to fail and how I could reverse the damage I had unknowingly done to myself. It led me down a rabbit hole that I happily never came out of and it put me in a place where I can share thoroughly researched information with many others who simply don’t have the time.

I am also an experienced, successful and hardworking entrepreneur who enjoys mentoring and coaching others who are looking to share their caring heart with the world in this business that is both emotionally and financially rewarding. I want everyone to be as fulfilled as I am blessed to be every single day.

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