Mykal Fraser

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    Mykal Fraser

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    How to Successfully manage change in your life.
    Living past the death of a child or loved one
    Navigating the ever changing corporate Amercia

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  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Tough Cookie – discovering the strength within. What does true strength look like and identifying yours.

  • Speaking Topic #2:
    Faith is not an “F” word. Understanding how what we believe plays a role in all of our lives.

  • Speaking Topic #3:
    Pushing Through Adversity, Headed Towards Success – Let’s face it. It’s hard being a woman no matter what type of lifestyle you have. Entrepreneur, employee, mother, single. We all have things that we have to push through because success is right on the other side.

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    Alpharetta, GA

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    Within 50 miles

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“Faith is the bubble that protects you from the distraction of your current facts.”

With over 10 years of Change Management and Communications experience, Mykal has helped employees from Fortune 500 companies such as The Home Depot, The Coca-Cola Company and Agility Logistics successfully transition through change and obstacles common to large organizations. Never did she think that one day, she would have to apply those same strategies to her personal life after losing three sisters to cancer and her 30 day old newborn baby girl who was born prematurely.

This type of trauma almost sent her into a deep depression and a world of darkness; but with God she was able to overcome those painful obstacles. She learned how to apply the same methodology and principles she used with others in the corporate environment to her personal circumstances. As a result, her life was transformed, renewed and rejuvenated.
Now as a Destiny Transformer, through writing, speaking and coaching, she helps others who have been traumatized by tragic experiences to triumph into victory.


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