Shay Levister

  • Name:
    Shay Levister

  • Company:
    Shay Better, LLC

  • Title:
    Certified Relationship Coach

  • Area of Expertise:
    All Things Love! I help organizations increase productivity by utilizing the same principles involved in attracting one’s soulmate.

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  • Speaking Topic #1:
    How To Professionally Seduce Your Clients To Significantly Increase Sales

    Gaining the trust of the customer is very similar to the process of dating. If you rush in for the sale without getting to know your customer and building rapport, you will immediately turn the customer off and most likely never have an opportunity at selling to that customer again. By understanding the five phases of all relationships, it is easy to apply these principles in an entertaining approach that will help the sales representative to learn how to build rapport, capture the trust of the customer, close the sale and gain a life-long advocate. As a multi-award-winning pharmaceutical sales representative, Shay Levister will deliver a talk that will stand out in the minds of the audience long after she has left the stage.

  • Speaking Topic #2:
    Six Steps To Using The Law of Attraction To Manifest The Love Life You’ve Always Wanted!

    Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how did your life get here? Do you ever wonder how is it possible that you are still single or unsuccessful in love when everything else in your life seems to be together? Everyone wants to find the love of their dreams but most have no clue how to manifest it. Shay will teach you how to utilize the Laws of Attraction to manifest a passionate, loving relationship no matter who you are or what you look like. Studies show that happily married couples are healthier, wealthier, live longer, and are happier. You no longer have to settle for having a marriage in which the spark has fizzled out nor do you have to settle for being alone. Shay will walk the audience through the step by step process to attracting a magical love experience.

  • Speaking Topic #3:
    From Broken to Breakthrough!

    Shay’s story is an inspiring narrative full of obstacles and triumphs. After finding herself a single mother, on food stamps, living in her car and often times sleeping on the floor of her friends’ homes, she made a decision to do something different with her life that would give her daughter something to be proud of. Shay knew her life had a purpose because she had defied death five times. Once when she was seventeen and found herself the victim of a drive-by shooting in which she was shot three times including once in the chest. Another time where she was a passenger in a car and at which the driver fell asleep at the wheel and it was nothing short of a miracle that she walked away without a scratch. At 30 years old she survived a heart attack after surviving postpartum cardiomyopathy when she had her second child. Lastly, Shay experienced crossing over to the other side when she delivered her three-year-old son after her blood pressure bottom out and she coded, leading her to experience seeing the light, having a conversation with God and being given the option to come back to earth. After going through a life of many challenges Shay Levister uses her story as an inspiration to others to never give up, to decide to be their greatest, authentic self and to create the life they truly want.

  • Chapter:
    Perimeter GA

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    Locally, Regionally, Nationally

  • Speaking Sample:

Shay Levister is not just a coach but a certified dating & relationship coach and NLP, RTT practitioner. What this means is that Shay’s trained in methods that will help you achieve lasting results in the shortest amount of time possible. She’s also trained in hypnotherapy, which amplifies effects on her clients. All humans make over 80% of their decisions from their subconscious mind. It is for is the reason why you may find yourself choosing the same type of person with a different face. If you want a change in your life, you must change the programming in your mind. Once you can do this, nothing is impossible! Hypnotherapy, NLP, and positive mind techniques help to accomplish this.

Shay specialized training, as well as her method of combining science, old school dating rules, and The Law of Attraction to magnetize one’s soulmate, distinguishes her as the primer dating coach in her industry.

Also, Shay helps organizations increase productivity by using the same principles involved in dating and attracting one’s soulmate. As a multiple award-winning pharmaceutical sales representative, Shay offers a talk called ‘How To Professionally Seduce Your Clients And Increase Sales.’ This talk helps corporations inspire their sales force to approach selling from a perspective that focuses on the customer. This approach has been known to improve sales performance by over 50%!

Levister has published magazine articles and has been a guest on radio and television shows. She has spoken around the world and has coached several celebrity clients and helped them attract love.



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