Money: Confidence in Sales

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Jillian Murphy is insanely passionate about empowering females in sales in a way that brings in simplicity & authenticity. She began her career in sales 22 years ago as an entry level sales rep having no clue how to sell but knowing how to build relationships and connections. She was the first female hired into

Buckhead Online | Blooming in 2021 – Be Your Best Personal and Professional Self

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There is so much beauty in blooming. While we admire nature’s blooms, we don’t always realize that the blooming we see in others (health, energy, attractiveness, productivity) is a natural gift we can naturally tap into -- personally and professionally. Blooming happens at ideal and peak moments. In this session, we will open up ways to

Buckhead Online | Resilient Mindset & Leadership

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#1 Best Selling Author Regeline Sabbat, also known as Gigi, is a first generation Haitian American, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, the host of Walk With Me Podcast on JRQTV, and Domestic Violence Advocate. She is an experienced leader who has adopted a conservative approach to help Christians grow spiritually, financially, professionally and/or personally. She does

Alpharetta Chapter – International Kindness Day Special Event

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Join this exciting networking opportunity where everyone who attends IS THE STAR. Come and get the SPOTLIGHT ON YOU and YOUR BUSINESS for the end of the year ENTREPRENEUR BRAINSTORMING. What do YOU want and NEED in the new year? TOGETHER YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT. Surprise guest and Door Prizes

Buckhead ONLINE | Unleash your Feminine Success Codes

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There’s not a woman that I know who doesn’t struggle with some dimension of self-care, and who isn’t feeling this tension, especially right now, between taking care of her own needs and serving the needs of those around her. I also know that as a woman — mom, partner, entrepreneur and visionary leader, whether in your most

Social Media: Increase your Exposure and Authority: Why Podcasts?

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We all want to get out there with our message to find new clients and make a difference. How do you do that? Tonight we will learn from the two leading podcasters to understand starting your own podcast or how to get booked on podcasts. Melissa Carter is a familiar voice in Atlanta, having served

How to Manifest Focus & Happiness with Meditation

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"Whether it is hurricanes, enormous fires, wars, economic calamities, or now "Covid-19", the underlying consistent pattern has been of intense fear and intense compassion.  But with Covid, our reactions seem to be heavily weighted by intense fear.  And that is just not working.  It is just not good enough because days will come when we

The Power of Intention: Become Strategic, Savvy and Successful!

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  Entrepreneurs constantly strive to attract more clients, increase revenue, enjoy the freedom and abundant opportunities. Yet, many are super busy, dog-tired, and even exhausted, and do not achieve all they truly desire. The act of intention-setting is missing. When we set clear business intentions, we then take inspired and specific actions that are in

Buckhead Online – Let’s talk about what you really NEED & WANT for your greatest success in 2020!

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You are cordially invited to join us on this ZOOM NETWORKING EVENT WHERE EACH ONE OF YOU IS THE STAR AND OUR GUEST SPEAKER! We are dedicating the entire networking event to help you get what you most need and want, so be prepared to share what that is. In this special format, the GUEST

Alpharetta – Monetize Your Magic & Create More Impact, Influence, & Income

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Join us and my very special keynote speaker KELLIE KUECHA, founder of SHE MONETIZES! Tuesday, September 8th, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM. "There has never been a sweeter time in history for you to embody all that you’ve acquired in this rich life of yours and cultivate your greatest work yet."  ~ Kellie Kuecha COME

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