Money: Wealth from Within – Simple Steps to Creating Financial Freedom

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Join us for informative discussion on creating wealth and abundance by shifting your money mindset and implementing some simple steps to gain financial freedom. During this session, you’ll learn how to: Overcome limiting beliefs Simply your finances Automating your savings Focus on gratitude and giving After our shared time together, you’ll feel empowered to not

Money: Joy: The Secret to a More Abundant Life

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Understand how cultivating more joy in your life will directly impact how you receive money Uncover how to feel more alive in your life Leave with tools & ideas to shift your energy & call in more abundance Stacy is a Life Coach & Energy Healer that is obsessed with helping people transform their lives!

Money: Creating Financial Flow

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Creating Financial Flow Your relationship with money Visibility to your finances Developing financial practices to thrive Bridgette Boucha, CPA, is a former corporate CFO turned CFO for entrepreneurs.  She has spent over 20 years in various financial leadership roles across several industries.  As an entrepreneur, she advises from lived experience of scaling her own business,

Perimeter: Atomic Habits for Massive Success

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ATLANTA - VIRTUAL EVENT Join us for a VIRTUAL EVENT hosted by Cathryn Marshall, featuring guest speaker, Carly Grennor Carly will be sharing her story of how she lost 100lbs in 8 months and 3 days, started her online business, and created her first high ticket course for athletic performance. Carly is a World Champion

Celebrity Marketing Chapter Presents: How to Use Clubhouse to EXPLODE your business and Influence!!

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By popular demand I am going to share all my insights on how I have grown a very large, strong and engaged community on Clubhouse and how it tripled my client base and opened my business up to the world. Clubhouse is a goldmine and should not be ignored, and it's so fun if you love to

Mastermind: Check in on your 2022 Money goals progress

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A few short weeks into 2022- most people don't even remember what their New Year's Resolution was- Do You? Over one third of New Year's Resolutions are abandoned by the end of January.  What can you do to change your money situation so that Money is never on your failed resolution list again? Join me as I share

Cybersecurity Essentials to Protect your Finances

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“Creating a Culture of Teamwork in a Complex World” Creating a culture of teamwork is one of the biggest challenges organizations are facing today in our fast-paced, rapidly-changing, hybrid and distributed work environment. We are moving from teams that used to exist in functionally-based, set siloes to cross-functional, global teams comprised of people with widely

Money: Becoming – confident through the power of emotions or Building confidence through reconnecting with your emotions

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What is confidence? The different levels of emotional intelligence How are your emotions & thoughts interlinked? Best positive psychology practices to build confidence Dr. Kinga Mnich is an international social-psychologist, educator and speaker specialist in emotions, positive psychology and gender. Her work solves myths of emotions by breaking down the complexity of the social &


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