Alpharetta – The POWER of Media, Perseverance and Prayer for Entrepreneurs

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Come network and meet Mark Hayes, Former TV News Anchor, currently CEO and Founder of Mark Hayes Consulting, LLC Mark Hayes has spent nearly three decades bringing news viewers in major cities across the country their news and information of the day.  Some of his stops include Dallas, Denver, Detroit, and Baltimore.  However, his proudest

Perimiter – Judy Goss – Mastermind For Success

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Who's been a part of a mastermind? Meeting with your peers weekly can have an outstanding effect on what you are manifesting in your life. Have you ever really needed help with a project or issue and been afraid to ask? Do you know better but still feel awkward reaching out? Judy Goss, Founder of

Fairfield CT – How to Find the Work that Fits Your Life

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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th How to Find the Work that Fits Your Life LUNCH 12:00 - 2:00PM Strugging to find a way to blend your professional job with two other big jobs—caring for children and aging parents? Looking for a way back in to the workforce after a long hiatus—but not interested in the traditional corporate

Perimiter – 5 EASY STEPS TO YES

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More clients. More income. More of what you want in life and business. A proven formula that will allow you to instantly upgrade to more prospects saying YES to working with you The common mistakes - and mindsets - that sabotage your efforts without you even realizing it (and exactly what to do instead) ...and

If Mama’s Not Happy, Nobody’s Happy

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As women, we have a tendency of putting everyone else's needs ahead of our own, creating a life of disappointment, disillusionment and exhaustion! Join us tonight to as Linda Minnick, certified personal coach and PSYCH-K facilitators, talks to us about  how stepping into the life you really love not only makes you happy but also

NYC: Networking Event with Psychic Shira

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GET SOCIAL with WHAT WOMEN WANT NETWORKING NYC and FOLLOW ME FRIDAY WITH JOAN + PRIYA and THE EDGE CHARITABLE FOUNDATION NYC QUEEN BEES : An Evening with Shira Plotzker, Psychic Shira   Join us to Get Social with Joan & Priya as they bring together women from New York & Miami for a night

Perimeter – Negotiate To Win: Strategies for Women

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Ted X speaker Carrie More is a communication and negotiation expert who will share insight on how to have conversations that will improve your life exponentially. “Confidence is a lifetime skill… we build it as we go”.   You can gain success without competition or having to join any “club” to get ahead with your

NYC EVENT: A Talk with Monica Shah about WOMEN AND MONEY

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DUE TO AN EMERGENCY IN NYC - WE HAVE RESCHEDULE THIS EVENT TO MONDAY JULY 1st.   Please join us for our event – and meet some dynamic woman. WHAT WOMEN WANT NETWORKING NYC PRESENTS: A Talk with Monica Shah about WOMEN AND MONEY An Honest Conversation about How to Generate More + Shift Our

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