Perimeter: Cyber Practices to Keep Your Business Protected

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ATLANTA - VIRTUAL EVENT Join us as we officially launch the CYBERSECURITY CHAPTER, hosted by WWWN President, Cathryn Marshall & Chapter Director, Keyaan Williams. Keyaan J. Williams is the Founder and Managing Director of CLASS-LLC, a professional services firm that delivers governance, risk, privacy, and cybersecurity solutions to critical industries and government agencies throughout the

Mastermind: Growing bolder, not older – living your best life past 40

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Join this conversation with Annie where we will: 1) Uncover your biggest opportunity to age with vitality and prevent disease 2) Get the top 3 strategies to optimize your brain health 3) Learn how to optimize your diet to reduce inflammation and aging

Mastermind: Maximize your Influence and Explode your Sales

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Learn the Secrets to Maximize Sales and Influence in Any Conversation  Learn: -The secret to making sales fun and dramatically more profitable. --How to be authentic and help more people by respecting who they are and what they value most. --Learn the science behind buying behavior (or yes behavior) and the cutting edge technology that

Perimeter: How To Live Your Life In Harmony

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ATLANTA - VIRTUAL EVENT Join us for a VIRTUAL EVENT hosted by Cathryn Marshall, featuring guest speaker, Bronkar Lee. Imagine starting your day perfectly centered and grounded. Your interactions with others are joyful, your collaborations are fruitful, and you're able to tackle the challenges of the day with ease. This is a life of harmony,

Celebritize Your Business Presents: Learn how to use and MONETIZE Clubhouse!

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I am going to show you all how I am having the BEST YEAR of my life in business all because of how I have nurtured and worked Clubhouse. It is truly the best platform I have ever experienced and I'm ready to share how I achieved 4000 engaging followers in just the last few months

Feminine Leadership Chapter | Magnetize Your Message Through Story-Telling

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We all remember and connect with a well-told story. People buy on emotion, and stories are the best way to convey emotion.   We have heard that facts tell and stories sell, however many business owners do not know how to tell a compelling story.   In this session you will learn why powerful stories

Fairfield: How to Become an Informed Investor

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I am thrilled to invite you all to join us  October 13th with Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns,  an internationally award-winning brand marketing executive, and founder, chief prosperity officer, educator, and mentor at Literacy to Legacy Mentors(R) LLC. Deborah will share her strategies on "How to Become an Informed Investor" at WWWN's Fairfield County Chapter event on Wednesday, October 13th,

Social Media Chapter: You Can Make Money Doing What You Love!

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Please join us on ONLINE, September 12th at 6:30 pm as we talk about making money using social media. During this event, a leading local influencer will give you the things you can do this week to add monetary value to your social media following. We look at influencers and want to know how they

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