Atlanta Virtual – 5 New Ways To Connect And Convert On Social Media

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Wow! 33% of business owners feel they need help to grow their social media following. The good news is that we have the ongoing help you need! You are not alone in your feeling of overwhelm and need for traction on social media. Our interactive panel will discuss cultivating connections with your ideal audience on

NYC VIRTUAL – How to Get NOTICED Online: Three Steps to Inspire Participants To Say, “I want to work with HER!”

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Are you doing the online thing - videos, lives, interviews, etc - but not getting much response? Monica will help you get more visible, get more sales and have more fun being online. * 3 Keys to creating that "I want to work with HER!" response * 2 Crucial elements that need to be part

Gainesville | “Virtual Networking for Massive Results”

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      JOIN us for an online event-- that will be nationwide!  The Gainesville chapter will be hosting the August 12 event- virtually. Cathryn Marshall, President of What Women Want Networking, will provide a riveting presentation about how to create a waitlist of clients and opportunities- while networking virtually! There will only be 40

Alpharetta – What do YOU WANT & NEED Networking Event

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You are cordially invited to join us on this ZOOM NETWORKING EVENT WHERE YOU ALL ARE THE STARS AND OUR GUEST SPEAKERS!! The entire time will be dedicated to helping you ALL get what you want and need, so come ready to let us know what that is.   Due to all the new mandates

Buckhead ONLINE – Insta4Profit: Virtually Increase your Income by Becoming a Source of Knowledge in Your Field

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With 20 years of enterprise sales, Bernadette Pannier has learned the best way to increase revenue using Instagram.  Over a year ago she left her corporate job to teach fellow entrepreneurs to build revenue using the same process large companies have used for years.  Teaching her C.A.R.E. process you will build a large following, turn

Alpharetta – Celebrity Guest Radio Show Host & Speaker Melissa Carter

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DETAILS AND TOPIC TITLE COMING SOON A little about Melissa Carter: Melissa Carter is a very familiar voice in Atlanta, having served as a member of two of the top morning shows in the city’s history, one of those being THE BERT SHOW. She also serves as a columnist for both the GA Voice and

Fairfield CT: The Covid-Pivot

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Please join us, as Nicole Enslein, CEO and Founder of Sublime Communications, talks about how we forge ahead during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this time when coronavirus continues to keep us at a distance, marketers must accept how consumers’ habits and their view of brands have changed. Brands must move forward by pivoting their marketing

NYC – Amy Newmark – Navigating Life’s Challenges With Good Humor

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Amy Newmark: Publisher, Editor-in-Chief & Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Amy Newmark is publisher, editor-in-chief and author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. She’s the woman responsible for the last 165 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and she’s put all of those out since she and her husband bought

Buckhead ONLINE – Create a Sales Page that Sells For You (Even While You Sleep)

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Wondering why your brand or website isn’t attracting the kind of clients you wanted to work with or helping you hit your sales goals? Learn how you can elevate your branding with the right strategy so that your ideal clients flock to you. With the right strategy, you can illustrate your level of expertise, reach

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